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Madagascar is a developing nation where the standard of living is relatively low. As inhabitants of the developed world, we enjoy easy access to fresh, drinkable water, health care and education, as well as dependable roads, and everything else that makes our environment safe and prosper.

“’s” goal is to help the Malagasy people, especially the youth, improve their standard of living through development. “’s” funds will come from businesses, organizations and individuals who wish to help in the development of Madagascar, a country with so much untapped potential. Sports will draw international media attention and can help economic development by serving as a promotional anchor for the tourist industry.

Because “” is a non-profit organization, all funds will go directly towards participating in the winter Olympics and towards a development program, designed by “” to highlight the impact sports can have on a nation. The youth need heroes and Olympic athletes can provide wonderful inspiration. The development program’s objective is to develop projects that, in accordance with the United Nations’ “Millennium Development Goals”., support the Malagasy youth that are in need.

“” will partner with both Malagasy development organizations and international organizations, with priority going to organizations that have studied Madagascar’s specific needs and that have proven themselves in the field of international development. “” will support projects in financial need that will have positive medium and long term impacts in order to ensure a sustainable development.

“” is proud to help better the Malagasies present situation by working towards attaining the “Millennium Development Goals” that the United Nations set for Madagascar. “” also wishes to encourage both international and local businesses to actively participate in the countries sustainable development. Store

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